‘The quick response by the team was really good because I had to attend a very urgent business meeting. I don’t know what I would have done without Tacoma Garage Door Repair that day!’ – Zack H

‘I had a pleasant experience with Tacoma Garage Door Repair; I spoke to a very friendly agent and received same day service.’ – Harrington Fisher

‘This isn’t my first time dealing with Tacoma Garage Door Repair and both times I have had very pleasant experiences with them.’ – Shane D

‘They were so quick and fast I couldn’t believe they were already at my house within an hour after calling them. It’s rare to see such efficiency.’ – Hilary Dobson

‘The passion that I saw those servicemen exhibiting for their work was inspirational to watch. Those men loved what they were doing. In no time at all the door was up and running and I couldn’t believe it.’ – Marjory Fredrick

‘The work was executed with such proficiency and the job done right I could not be more content.’ – Lloyd M

‘Five stars for everything, for service delivery, punctuality, courteousness and respect.’ – Nester F

‘I know weekends are generally busy days for everyone as most people get their doors fixed then. Still I just called Tacoma Garage Door Repair to see if I could find a serviceman who could come over and fix my garage door opener. To my delight they did send someone over within an hour!’ – Doug S

‘Last year I had an unfortunate run in with the garage door. I reversed into the door and it came crashing down on the car. No one was injured fortunately but the garage door was damaged badly. I didn’t have enough money to get the door fixed for a while being a single mom of three. It seemed every unfortunate thing I could think of was happening at the time. I was out of work as well so it was just a rough patch for me. Fast forward a year later, I have a job, my car is fixed and just last weekend Tacoma Garage Door Repair came over and fixed the garage door. It looks amazing, I really am thankful.’ – Melody J

‘Sometimes I don’t know what we would do without Tacoma Garage Door Repair. We have an old door that is always giving us problems. It’s one of those old type doors and we love it and could not imagine replacing it. Many people have tried to talk us into buying a modern garage door but we cannot replace it. We just love it! It’s got so much history and we feel like we should keep it. The home we live in is one of those old homes that have that unique charm to them. We don’t like changing anything in the house. We kind of like the old-meets-new feel of the place. When it comes to the garage door call us foolish but we would rather keep maintaining it that replace it. Tacoma Garage Door Repair has been with us over the years and has been maintaining the door for us. Without them we would really have been at a loss. So thank you for being there Tacoma Garage Door Repair!’ – Yolanda D

‘Tacoma Garage Door Repair is truly one of a kind offering you only the very best of everything, maintenance, repair and installations.’ – Janet F

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